May Day a lot of places, Lei Day in Hawaii

Pop Quiz: Name the star who hates Scientology. Is it Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Lawrence?

Love Nuggets: Pro golfer Rory McIlroy broke up with fiancé, hot tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, saying he had to devote 100% of his time to his golf game for the next few years. But within months he was engaged to PGA worker Erica Stoll and now married. … While Keith Urban is soft spoken and laid back wife Nichole Kidman has a mean streak and she’s not always as sweet as she seems. … A lot of stories out there that Whitney Houston was bi-sexual. Comment, who cares! What possible difference does it make, why bring it up now?

Sports Shorts: At the Edmonton Oilers – Anaheim Ducks game in Anaheim on Friday night, Michael J. Fox and Tommy Chong there cheering for Edmonton, while Kevin James, Will Farrell and Mathew Perry pulling for them Ducks. … Being sold in a Berkeley souvenir store is a piñata of a woman with a sash across her chest reading, free speech. … Final Sports short and NY Post headline, above a huge back page photo of the NY Jets #1 Draft, Super Safety, Jason Adams who will be a starter, Post Headline screams, “The Future Is Wow.”

Answer – J-Lo blames Scientology for robbing her father of his life savings. For your information, Brooke Shields and Steven Colbert hate Scientology, and Elvis Presley called it money grabbing cult, only to have his wife and daughter join after his death.

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