All Week Long, Celebs Who Hate Something

All week long, the Pop Quiz theme are celebrities who hate something. From Social media, other celebrities, even their parents. Today, Name the celebrity who really hates Beyonce. This hater calls Beyonce trash, who hates Beyonce? Is it Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, Kid Rock, or Taylor Swift?

Most Bizarre nugget of the week, when his acting is over, Tom Cruise, using his power through Scientology, says he’ll turn his attention to healing people by, laying his hands on those afflicted. Tom Cruise – the new Oral Roberts?

Hollywood insider tells me Weinstein has molested more women over the past 35 years, 35 years! There’s no way he can remember half of them. and just wait, Weinstein’s chauffeur, valet, housekeeper all have stories to tell. His chauffeur already telling stories of hearing countless young woman screaming from the backseat of sleaz’s limo, “please stop, please don’t hurt me.”

Court docket: Nicki Minaj’s brother just got married but goes on trial this week for raping his new 11 year old step daughter multiple times. … Bergdahl to be sentenced this week, remember, 6 of his comrades died while searching for him, after deserting and hanging with the enemy.

TV News: HBO and Alan Coulter, developer of Boardwalk Empire and the Sopranos, have come together for a 10 part bio-series on the life of Babe Ruth. The true story.

In case you didn’t see this, the most profitable stars compared to salary and return at Box office. #1. Emilio Estevez, 2. Jean Claude Van Dam, 3. Mel Gibson, 4. Tyler Perry and 5. Dudley Moore. The least profitable stars compared to salary and return at Box office are #5. Anthony Hopkins, 4. Hugh Jackman, 3. Robert De Niro, 2. Johnny Depp, and the all time worst return 1. Brad Pitt. So much for box office gold super stars!

Answer – Kid Rock.

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