“Sue York City”

Pop Quiz theme are hotties who are hot golfers. Name today’s hot golfer, Carrie Underwood, Sandra Bullock, Margot Robbie or Jessica Alba?

Love Nuggets: Hard to believe but, it is true Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers is dating racecar driver Danica Patrick, hope she’s not too fast for him. … Kate Hudson tells friends she may marry Danny Fujikawa, so what exactly does Danny Fujukawa do for a living? Well, he did a 12 second voice over in the movie Scumbag, but he’s mainly a movie crew production worker. He moves furniture and get’s coffee for cast and crew. But now, Danny is the first truly serious boyfriend Kate’s had in years and they could be getting married before years end. … Speaking of celebrity couples, Paris Hilton’s fiance Chris Zylka made $450,000 last year, yet he reportedly paid $2.3 million for her engagement ring. How’s that work? … Since going public regarding Weinsleaze, Ashley Judd she has had countless television and movie offers. More work than she’s seen in years. … Love Prediction, Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp will marry in 2018.

Odds and Ends: Justin Timberlake, Whoopi Goldberg, Oliver Stone and Jennifer Lawrence have all invested in, ready, California Pot Farms. Far out dude! … Head’s up, there is an independent documentary being done on YELP, and despite courts saying they can make their own choices on what reviews they do and don’t print, more and more evidence points that if a restaurant refuses to advertise on YELP, YELP will cut back the good reviews. Consider that next time you pick a restaurant according to Yelp.

N.Y. Post Headline: Over the story that 85% of all law suits brought against the city by regular citizens are settled out of court. Headline screams, “Sue York City.”

Answer – Jessica Alba who plays to an 8 handicap.

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