So Sorry To Hear Of Tom Petty Passing

Pop Quiz questions all week will be about the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Today, how many stars are on the Walk, 1500, 1800, 2100 or 2500?

Scum bucket Jim Carrey says his dead ex-girlfriend gave herself a bad wax job so she could say it was herpes, and blamed him. Carrey said this the day after it was learned he introduced her on to cocaine. Remember, she died of of a cocaine overdose.

Odds and Ends: So sorry to hear of the passing of Tom Petty. Tom was my Program Director Rick Carrol at KROQ best friend and Tom was a regular at the station. Good guy. … KUWK producer, Ryan Seacrest says he is thrilled that Kholie and Kylie are pregnant, not necessarily thrilled for them but for the ratings. So, if there’s problems or break-ups, better yet, the rating will be even bigger. … When Jimmy Buffett commutes from his beach side mansion in Long Island to N.Y.C. It doesn’t take 2 hours like most commuters, it takes 23 minutes, that’s because Jimmy Buffett flies himself there in his own seaplane. Must be nice.

Sports Shorts: The Armed Forces TV Network showed the first NFL game in Iraq and Afghanistan in temporary quatzit huts to service personal as well as some wounded, however, when our military personal saw the players taking a knee and turning their back when the flag and anthem were shown, most left. Can you blame them? If memory serves me right when Tim Tebow scored touchdowns with Denver and took a knee for a 5 seconds of prayer, idiot NFL Commish Roger Goodell sent word, showing any personal feelings would not be tolerated and to stop or be suspended.

Answer – Little over 2500. Interesting note, of all the stars on the Walk, there has been only one misspelled, and it was Julia Louis Dreyfus.

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