“Snakes on Planes”

Pop Quiz: Russian President Putin has spoken with, called and traded e-mails with 3 of these 4 stars. Which star is not a friend or at least an acquaintance of Putin. Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres or Angelina Jolie?

Movie Reviews: I have already given you heads up on 2 movies that are opening today, and they are both great. The first film is The Big Sick, and it’s a must see. A true story you wont soon forget. A one night stand between a Muslim comedian and a Christian girl turns to true love. But Ray Romano and Holly Hunter are her parents who end up having to help their daughter thru a terminal disease as well as a terminal love affair. Romantic, charming, heart breaking, yet hilarious(Rated R) – (119 Minutes) – (4 Stars). … Second, War for the Planets of the Apes, and this is the best of the franchise. We think of Woody Harrelson and the TV show, Cheers but his performance in this movie is Oscar worthy. It’s the war of wars between the humans and the Apes with great effects. (PG-13) Only problem, it’s too long (2 Hours 20 Minutes), so only (3 ½ Stars) instead of 4.

Medical News: Is it true, Caitlyn Jenner is getting a butt lift surgery next week.

Post Headlines: Above the story that a 73 year old woman and her 70 year old boyfriend who have been robbing banks since 2015, have finally been caught, Post headline screams, “Granny and Clyde, Bank Heist Geezers.” … And, with news that the Senate will investigating that secret meeting between the then Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Clinton on her Aircraft, Headline screams, “Snakes on Planes.”

Answer – Ellen DeGeneres.

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