Report for Thursday, Feb 1st

This weeks Pop Quiz Theme is name the phony name used by stars when registering at a hotel. Today, who uses the name Chandler Bing? Kanye West, Ryan Seacrest, Tiger Woods or Justin Bieber? And after the Pop Quiz Question, a bonus Stupid Question.

Movie News: There is one Best Picture nominated movie you can get free on demand on most cable and satellite service, it is Get Out. It is right up there with the Shape of Water as far as being unique and weird, however, I loved it and recommend it. Get Out will have you shaking your head in disbelief. … All Holllywood studios have finally cut all ties with Woody Allen, and it’s about time. After 30 years of his adopted daughter accusing Allen of sexual abuse and child molesting. Woody’s movie making days are over.

Odds and Ends: Katharine McPhee is on a new diet and looks fabulous. … There are 1100 homeless people camped on Katella Ave in Anaheim a half mile from Disneyland and Disney bigwigs are threatening to withhold taxes and more if the city doesn’t get rid of them. So, the City Fathers have approved extra police to remove them. Question is, where to? Well not to Los Angeles, where there are, ready? 47,000 homeless in Los Angeles county and 25,000 in the city limits. … There are 2 celebrity singers, one young and one old that are addicted to adopting dogs. Adopts them, and either keeps them or finds them homes via friends or fans. They are Miley Cyrus and Cher.

TV Stupidity: Fox is paying $900 million for Thursday Night football. Who cares? … They are currently shooting a Bill Cosby reality show, who cares? … Pawn Stars is the most scripted. All actors, phony show on TV. Who cares!

Answer – Justin Bieber.

Bonus Question of the day, Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain in the world?

Answer – Mount Everest was still the tallest.

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