Report for Monday, August 7th

Pop Quiz: Movie History Week. In the last 20 years, only 3 Summer release movies have won the Oscar. What Summer film did not win the Oscar? The Gladiator, Crash, Hurt Locker or Saving Private Ryan?

Legal Docket: Unbelieveable, again this weekend, Pete Rose is screaming the law suit charging him with having regular sex with a 14 year old who turned 15 years old back in the 70’s is a lie. Pete screams, “I’m sure she was 16.” What?

Once a wiener, always a wiener department. Anthony Weiner has moved into a new building, and other residence won’t get in the elevator with him, avoid him in common areas and have petitioned management to get him out. Weiner will be sentenced September 8 for sharing obscene photos of minors.

TV News: I’m not the only one who can’t wait for football. Thursday’s first NFL exhibition, mean nothing, 3rd stringers playing, was the highest program of the week. There are 6 pre-season NFL games televised this week. … August 14th edition of Pawn Stars on the History station is expected to draw huge ratings, Mike Gilbert, O.J. Simpson’s former agent will wheel-and-deal with Rick Harrison as he tries to sell the White Bronco, O.J. and AC went on the infamous slow chase. AC sold it to Gilbert for $75,000 and it sat in a Los Angeles Basement for 11 years, then was also on exhibit in a Vegas Casino.

So sorry hearing that Val Kilmer who reportedly has been fighting cancer is not doing well. Remember him in your prayers.

Answer – Gladiator Won in 2000, Crash Won in 2005, Hurt Locker Won in 2009. while Saving Private Ryan was nominated in 1998, it lost to Shakespeare In Love, a horrible movie.

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