Report for Friday, Feb 9th

Pop Quiz: Our movie review stars Chadwick Boseman, a great actor who has portrayed Jackie Robinson, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and James Brown. He is brilliant, but what is Chadwick’s education? Was it Home School, Elementary School only, High School dropout, or Howard and Oxford graduate?

Love Nugget: All three jurisdictions in Los Angeles, New York and London have been talking to each other and all three say they have enough evidence to charge Harvey Weinstein, with sexual assault and possible rape, it’s just a matter who will file first.

Movie Review: Opening limited engagement today everywhere next week. Black Panther is the treat of the year. Good vs. Evil, Past, Present and future. The special effects are second to none. Great acting and a story everybody will love. It will wear you out and put a smile on your face and a guarantee multi-sequels. It stars Chadwick Boseman as the Panther, Michael B. Jordan, who plays the Panther’s arch enemy and there’s Lupita Nyong’o, who is hotter than ever. And the women in this movie are the strongest female figures ever. This film is unbelievable. Marvel superhero, super movie (PG-13) – (119 Minutes) – (4 Stars). Again opens everywhere next week. … As for this weekend, Don’t forget The 15:17 To Paris (4 Stars). And also playing, seven Oscar nominees, all great movies. … However, also opening today is 50 Shades Freed. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan star in this disgusting, vulgar, brainless garbage. Rarely does a movie have zip, zero, absolutely no redeeming quality, but this one qualifies. (Rated R) – (118 Minutes) – (0 Stars).

TV News: I’m shocked by Celebrity Big Brother ratings killed #1 all demos. And, Mark Burnett has a new show, The World’s Best. A search for the best talent in the world.

Answer – Howard and Oxford graduate.

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