“Penn And Bare It”

Pop Quiz: Kerry Washington is one of the voices in Cars 3, which I will review in a minute. Just for your information she is English, Scottish, Jamaican, and American Indian. She wanted to be a dancer, question, who was her dance teacher in High School, Gwen Stefani, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez?

Movie Review: Cars 3 is what it is, and Lighting McQueen, old Car 95 has lost a gear and a few RPM’s but Owen Wilson’s guy isn’t ready to give up. It’s a Disney family film not as good as the original, about the same as the sequel (Rated G) – (108 Minutes) and (2 ½ Stars).

23 years ago tomorrow, most of us watched the O.J. Bronco chase. Here are some stats you may not have known. … It’s called the most memorable television event in 50 years. There were 4 major sports events that were happening at the same time that got lost in the chaos. Arnold played his last round in a U.S. Open. NHL’s Stanley Cup was on N.Y. -vs- Vancouver, NBA Finals were on N.Y. -vs- Houston, and Ken Griffey Jr. tied Babe Ruth’s Home Run record, all lost because of O.J. And, Dominos Pizza says the most home pizza deliveries in history were made during the chase, and that record still stands.

Sports Shorts: Floyd Mayweather will fight UFC Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on August 26. Call me crazy, but I predict Conor knocks out Floyd, early.

N.Y. Post Headline: With Grand Central/Penn Station under renovation, delays can take commuters 4 hours to get where they are going, tempers are flaring. New York Post screams, “Penn and Bare It.” Second headline, “Penn and Suffer.”

Answer – Jennifer Lopez in New York City.

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