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From Canada, Pop Quiz: And it is Movie History Week. Today, what is the movie with the most Oscar Nominations in history? Is it All About Eve, Gone With The Wind, Titanic or Forrest Gump?

Movie Reviews: First, the horror film, Annabelle: Creation. And to be honest I don’t like these types of movies so sent my home girl, Andie Preston to see it, and she loves those kinds of movies and says it is (Rated R) – (99 Minutes) – (4 Stars). … Next, Good Time is an E ticket ride. A mental madness thriller with dumb turning to bad, love turns into panic, and it all ends up brotherly life or death. Robert Pattinson is fabulous. (Rated R) – (2 Hours) – (3 ½ Stars).

Movie News: Opening September 7, Borg/McEnroe starring Shia LaBeouf as John McEnroe and the great rivalry of the 2 tennis greats, suppose to be great. … Former Vice President Al Gore’s second movie, Inconvenient Truth is out for it’s second week. Last week is came in 15th place out of 16 movies. This week it’s on 500 more screens and it will be 15 place out of 16 movies.

TV News: I think I’m going to stink. The E Network will air a 90 minute special September 24th marking 10 years, a decade of KUWK. The goofy show will have producer Ryan Seacrest as host and will have interviews with everybody who’s been on the show, plus highlights. How could there be highlights? … You may already know that Karate Kid is coming as a TV Show. Question, why?

Most ridiculous rider demand I’ve ever heard. Kanye West during a week long concert demanded an 8 foot fence be built around a 2 acre estate he was staying.

Answer – Ah ha, It’s a tie, All About Eve, made in 1950 and starring Betty Davis had 14 nominations won 6 and Titanic had same number of nominations, 14 and won 11.

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