Mariah Carey always buys a Charlie Brown Tree for Christmas

Pop Quiz: All have huge Christmas trees but name the star who has the biggest Christmas tree? Is it Courtney Love, Jennifer Aniston, Kris Jenner or Heidi Klum? Interesting note, Instead of a luxurious Christmas tree, Mariah Carey always buys a Charlie Brown Tree, the ugliest tree she can find on the lot. Tradition.

More celebrity Christmas stuff: Former New York Yankee, Derek Jeter say’s all he wants for Christmas is a MLB team to buy, but none are for sale. … Selena Gomez always spends Christmas at her parents in Grand Prairie, Texas, Selena also hires a Santa every Christmas Eve to come to the parents’ house to surprise her daughter, Valentina.

Odds and Ends: The well-respected, British Medical Journal calls American TV doctor, Dr. Oz a quack. After studying his show for a year they say that 51% of the information he spews is, “Bunk”. … George Clooney’s appearance in Downton Abbey is called, corny and cheesy. … Shaking in their boots, Sony recording artist who believe they may be the next targets for the hackers, include, Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Streisand and Adel.

Date in History, Dec 22. 1894, a group was started that I’m a proud member of for decades, The United States Golf Association. In 1961 the 1st American causality of the Viet Nam died, his name, Dames Davis. In 2001, two very different things happened, the first pet was cloned, CC the cat. And, on this same date, same year an idiot named Richard Reid got on American Airlines flight 63 with a bomb built into his shoe. He’s still in jail.

Answer – Kris Kardashian Jenner who has four 7 foot trees and a 15 foot tree!

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