“Let My People Grow”

Pop Quiz: Despite being kept very quiet, name President Donald Trump’s best friend, is it Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Tom Brokaw or Regis Philbin?

Odds and Ends: Kirstie Alley didn’t lose all that weight through a weight loss program, she lost it by smoking 2 packs a day. … You can’t make this up, Cher is doing another farewell tour. It’s her 17th and the name of Cher’s tour is, ready for this, Classic Cher! That is both, hilarious and sad. However, to be 100% honest, friends who saw Cher last year said she was absolutely fabulous. Cher is 70. … Whole Foods latest rip-off, selling 18 ounces of super healthy asparagus water for $6. USA Food inspectors investigated, turns out it’s just tap water with a little asparagus flavoring, and worth 4 cents. Whole Food’s equals ripoff.

2020 Politics: Bernie Sanders will do major Town Hall Meetings in all 50 states over the next two years. … Overheard by a senior U.S. Senator that Hillary will run for President as long as she can draw a breath. … Bet you didn’t know -20 years ago there were a half dozen private, segregated estate clubs in West Palm Beach when Trump bought Mar-a-lago. The first thing Trump did, despite the protests of the other clubs was to integrate Mar-a-lago.

NY Post Headline: Above the story that New York Council woman Margret Chin is fighting the council to allow her constituents to have garden areas for vegetables. Post Headline screams, “Let My People Grow.”

Answer – Regis Philbin.

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