“It’s Dirty Rock”

Pop Quiz Theme, celebrities who are truly devoted. Today name the celebrity devoted to Animal Rights. Spends a couple days a month working for animal rights with money, charity events and public speaking. Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres or Cher?

Love Nuggets: Is everything okay, one of Hollywood’s happiest couple’s, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? Hope so but, Nicole has quietly been in N.Y. alone, shopping for a new home. Could be nothing. … Amazing quote, according to Megan Markle’s best childhood friend, as a kid, Mehgan often said, “I want to be a Royalty, Diana 2.0, and I can make that happen if I meet the right people.” … Pam Anderson has been begging Trump to pardon her boyfriend, Wiki Leaks, boss Julian Sage, but no she’s just wasting her time, ain’t going to happen.

Love Nugget and Movie News: Big time Director Bryan Singer has disappeared from the set of the Freddy Mecury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. He just split, some say it’s illness, but I hear it has to do with a very weird sex ring he has got involved with and it’s about to leak out. Names could be named.

Odds and Ends: And great place to see celebrities, usually Wednesday night, when they are in town Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, Steve Carell and Cuba Gooding Jr. play hockey together at the Toyota Sports Center here in Los Angeles.

Everyday till Christmas, an unique Christmas gift suggestion. Today, love this, rise and shine with your nose. It’s alarm clock but the alarm is strong smells, like Seaside, Peppermint, bacon, toast and other bouquets. Fabulous, $80, Sensorwake.com.

N.Y. Post Headline: Above the story of Matt Lauer, and 2 other NBC employees, a director and an executive Producer, being fired for sexual misconduct, N.Y Post Headline screamed, “It’s Dirty Rock.”

Answer- Ellen DeGeneres.

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