It’ll Be #1 This Weekend

Pop Quiz questions all week will be about the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Today, there are 5 different categories celebrities can be nominated, they are Movies, TV, Music, Radio and Live Stage, and while 30 celebrities have 4 stars, only one person has all 5. Is it Frank Sinatra, Gene Autry, Cher or Bob Hope?

I’ve held my tongue, because of the power Harvey Weinstein has had in Hollywood and the political world, but with alleged sexual harassment charges, and paying off women millions, I’m telling you, Weinstein is one of the worst and most hated men in Hollywood history, Weinstein says he’ll sue N.Y. Times.

Movie Reviews: It’ll be #1 this weekend, Blade Runner 2049. It is what it is, and better than what it’s been! Ryan Gosling discovers a long buried secret that threatens the planet and Blade Runner jumps into action. Harrison Ford and Robin Wright are also steller (Rated R) – (3 Hours) – (3 Stars). … Next, Victoria and Abdul. The true and very odd story about the 19th Century Queen of England and her friendship with a young clerk from India. It sounds bad, but it’s fascinating! Oscar winner Judi Dench stars (PG-13) – (2 Hours) – (3 Stars.)

Sports Shorts: Play-offs prediction, NL, Cubs over Washington, Dodgers over AZ, all upsets, Boston over Houston, Yankees over Cleveland Indians.

Answer – Gene Autry, and proud to say, when I was a young sportscaster and Gene was in his final years and the owner of the California Angels when I got to know him. Even gave him a ride to his hotel in my Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. FYI, the percentage breakdown by category is 47% Movies, 24% TV, 17% Recording, 10% Radio and 2% Live Stage.

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