Had to be Absolutely Terrifying

This weeks Pop Quiz Theme is phony names used by stars when registering at a hotel. Today, who used the name Dr. Doolittle? Muhammad Ali, Robin Williams, Glen Campbell or Michael Jackson? And after the Pop Quiz question, a bonus twisted question.

Love Nugget: Lot’s of talk of lots of Hanky Panky backstage at the Voice, and that’s the reason Adam Lavine will leave the show, or his wife will leave him.

TV News: Shocker, Ricky Martin says that gay hating Miami Police knew Andrew Cunanan had threatened to kill Gianni Versace and did nothing. That Versace asked for protection and was denied. Now the LBGTQ is demanding a Federal investigation. Versace, the American Crime Story on the FX is getting great ratings and in fact, the third episode of the mini-series is on tonight, and FYI, Ricky stars in this series and he is absolutely fabulous.

Odds and Ends: Yesterday I talked to a friend who lives in Kihei, Hawaii. He told me when that 38 minute alert that a North Korean missile was going to hit the Islands, there was total chaos, people running and screaming in the streets. Can you imagine that, had to be absolutely terrifying.

Head Over Heels is a new Broadway play, featuring the Go-Go’s which brings me to my favorite Go-Go’s story. When doing mornings at KROQ, Go-G0’s leader, Belinda Carlisle often showed up at our back stairs, ringing the buzzer, asking us to play her garage recorded cassette of We Got the Beat. We did.

Answer – Michael Jackson.

Today’s twisted question, There is a clerk at a Butcher Shop that is 5’9” and wears size 12 shoes What does he weigh??

Answer – He weighs meat.

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