You Can Tour It For $65

Pop Quiz questions all week are about the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Today, who was the very first person to get a permanent Star on the Walk, Actor Charlie Chaplin, Actress Mary Pickford, Singer Al Jolson or Director Stanley Kramer?

TV News: So NBC per-empted Megyn Kelly’s show for coverage of the Vegas massacre on Monday Morning, and Megyn immediately called VEEP’S of NBC demanding she be made a big part of the coverage, reminding them that she came from Fox News, and news is her background. Veep’s said forget it. Megyn slapped down. … I want to tell you about the greatest house in America. It is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, built by George Vanderbilt in 1930. Sits on 123,000 acres, has 35 bedrooms, 60 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces and has 126,926 square feet. You can tour it for $65, it’s now a tourist attraction.

Odds and Ends: Latest NFL controversy, Budweiser having serious talks about pulling their commercials which would cost the NFL hundreds of millions. … Kato Kaelin, there’s a name you haven’t heard for years, says he prays he never bumps into O.J., Kato says if he did he’d fear for his life around his old roomie. … TV show Young Sheldon is a huge hit here, Australia, Canada and England. … Former Vice President Al Gore hasn’t talked to his old boss, former President Bill Clinton since they left office. Gore still holds Clinton partially responsible for his loosing to Bush because of Monica Lewinsky and not supporting him. … Final Tom Petty nugget, George Harrison and Johnny Cash called Tom Petty the most creative musician they ever worked with, that’s saying something.

Answer – Director Stanley Kramer. And another Walk nugget, if the honoree is alive, they must appear live on the walk when their star is unveiled.

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