Anti-Love Nuggets Today

Pop Quiz Theme, celebrities who are truly devoted. Today, name the celebrity devoted to living green. Main house is all green, no electricity, they pump their own water, 100% solar everything. Is it Jay Leno, Tom Hanks, Daniel Day Lewis, or Julia Louis Dreyfus. Oh, FYI, this person also has a home with some of the normal amenities, but seldom uses it.

Anti-Love Nuggets: And the hits just keep on coming. No surprise Al Franken is stepping down. The biggest shock is that he was ever elected. There are more women coming forward with worse accusations, and all Hollywood knew about his heavy drug use and disgusting womanizing. Good riddance. … Next, word that Bill Maher is about to get hit with multiple accusations. … And, you keep hearing about some shocking story about John Travolta about to break. Maybe that explains his latest movie, Gotti being canceled. Stay Tuned.

Odds and Ends: Unbelievable, Scott Peterson who killed his wife and unborn baby and serving life without parole has 100 pen pals, 80% women and many have proposed to him. Peterson has already started receiving Christmas gifts. That’s ah, sick! … Elton John is so upset about his estranged mother’s death, he has gone into seclusion and is undergoing professional counseling. It’s very sad. … Prediction, sports gambling will be legal in almost every state by 2020.

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Answer – Julia Louis Dreyfus and husband Brad Hall. Despite Julia being the heir of the Dreyfus fund and worth hundreds or millions of dollars, she’s a real believer in being, as she says, with the Earth.

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