Tonight the NFL is back on TV

Pop Quiz: All this week, our Pop Quiz deals with famous people and where are they buried. Today, where is the Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone burried? Is it Glasgow, Scotland; Nova Scotia, Canada; London, England or Auckland, New Zealand?

TV News: Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon have both been nominated for Emmys for their parts in Little Big Lies and there will be a sequel, great show. … Jimmy Fallon is kicking Steve Colbert’s butt again, but stay tuned both stink.

Court Docket: O.J. will be released 12 p.m. Tuesday October 3rd in Nevada. … Kylie Jenner is being sued for $12 million for plagerisum in reference to her book, Life of Kelly. Apparently it was somebody elses life before hers.

Odds and Ends: David Beckham’s 12 year old son, Cruz, named after daddy’s buddy Tom Cruise is recording an album, and Simon Cowell is somehow involved in his career. … Robert De Niro (73 years old) stopped by cops in New York City for riding his 4 year old daughter on handel bars of a bike in the crazy, out of control traffic.

Bizarre Dept. Men buy 1 pair of shoes a year, women 8 pairs of shoes a year.

Sports Shorts: Tonight the NFL is back on TV, Arizona and Dallas Cowboys, and that means college football is not far behind, and Matthew McConaughey will not shoot any movies on days that conflict with University of Texas football, same for Ashton Kutcher when there is a conflict with Iowa football. Both actors have field passes for their ala mader’s games and never miss a game.

Answer – Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scottland and later moved to Canada where he became a citizen, lived out his life, and is burried in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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