2018 Predictions

This week’s Pop Quiz theme, how well do you remember 2017? Today, who are Randal, Kate and Kevin? Are they from Minions, Siblings on the TV Show, This is Us, or Dragons on Game Of Thrones?

Where will Celebrities be spending their New Years Eve? Paris, Blanket and Prince Jackson are all in Hawaii. So is Michelle Pfeiffer and Tina Fey’s family. …Drake, A-Rod and J-Lo will be in Miami, Jay-Z, Kim and Kanye, Rihanna are in Vegas, Justin Bieber and Selena are throwing their own party in Los Angeles, Paul McCartney is throwing a party with his daughter Stella in New York.

Odds and Ends: NBC’s top newsmen for 50 years, Tom Brokawn who made up crap about Bush, Matt Lauer accused of muliple sexual harrasment and lying Brian Williams, all together at N.Y.’s 21 Club. Oh to be a fly on the wall there!

TV News: Sam Rockwell will host the season debut of SNL, January 13th and I predict that week Sam will also be nominated for Best Supporting actor for the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, a 4 star film. … More TV, great new scripted show, 911 on Fox January 3rd, true 911 stories.

2018 Predictions: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes to marry in 2018. … Mila Kunis will get pregnant in 2018. And so will Megan Markle. … Lindsay Lohan try as she may, will not get any movie or TV deals. … Jennifer Lawrence says she’ll take 2018 off from dating, right. … It was 35 below zero in Minneapolis yesterday and it could be colder there in February, when and where the Super Bowl will be held. Another reason plus other NFL problems, could be a disasterous Super Bowl, but I hope not. … One more prediction, this is sad, Bill Cosby could end up in jail or dead in 2018.

Answer – They are the Siblings on the TV Show This Is Us.

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