All Week Stars With Nose Jobs

Aloha from Hawaii, all week long, your Pop Quiz will be to name the star who has had a nose job. Today, who has had a nose job, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston or Cher?

Love Nugget: Absolutly no surprise Fergi and Transformer star Josh Duhamel are divorcing, you could read that coming with brail. They had been together 8 years. … No surprise Kevin Hart admitted going out on his pregnant wife, that’s because it was basic common knowledge.

Movie Comment: I loved Mother!, a suppence, horror, drama, thriler, that stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Ed Harris. Over the weekend Reviewer Rex Reed said it was the worse movie ever made. Rex Reed has lost it! By the way, this weekend was one of the worse Box Office in years.

Oh those goofy Kartrashians. So while PETA supporteres Alec Baldwin, Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton have all contacted Kim Kartrashian to please stop wearing fur. What’s really goofy about it, Khloe kartrashian is a PETA member. … You want goofy, some auction house was putting up a used pair of Madonna’s garrny panties. Modonna say’s they’re not hers and wants a DNA test to prove it! And Madonna says she will now personlize, number and code all her so bloomers panties, making it imposible to copy or sell on the black market. Really, is there that big of demand for Madonna’s dirty drawers?

Odds and Ends: Jim Carrey’s ears are so big, while he decided not to have surgery, he practiced for years to wiggle his ears which he can do proudly. … Neil Patrick Harris’s ears were so big and stuck out so much, he had surgery to pin them back and at night wears a hose around his head holding them back.

Answer – Hey, I’m on vacation, had some wine when I did this, feeling tricky. All 4, Cameron, Gwyneth, Jennifer and Cher have had nose jobs.

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