Two Very Sad Nuggets

Pop Quiz theme all week are celebrities who either have a movie currently out, or coming out Friday, Clint Eastwood directed and produced 15:17 to Paris. It’s the 36th movie Clint has directed, what was the first movie Clint Directed? Perfect World, Outlaw Josey Wales, Dirty Harry or Play Misty for Me?

Love Nuggets: Despite denials, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have never been tighter. Justin even visited Selena everyday when she was in rehab. And, they’ve been spotted in Palm Springs just blocks from where I am now … Get ready for what might be the most explosive announcement of sexual harassment charges ever. Goldie Hawn is about to name names.

Two Very Sad Nuggets: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is battling cancer, and it’s a very tough battle. We wish Julia the best, she’s a sweetheart and a great mom. More sad news, Is It True Nick Nolte is battling dementia.

TV News: I have decided there are two reasons Celebrity Big Brother ratings are so high. #1, it’s like you can’t look away from an auto accident. And #2, Open bar. … Netflix has shot a documentary on ambulance chasing, camera loving 76 year old Gloria Allred. And, you’re going to learn a lot about her you didn’t know, like when she was 25 on a vacation in Mexico, she was held-up by gunpoint, raped, became pregnant as a result and had to have an illegal abortion. And there’s lots more.

Odds and Ends: If you love sweets you’ll want to know that there’s going to be a huge, Candy Museum! It’ll open this summer, 30,000 sq ft, on the corner of 6th Ave and West 20th Street in NYC. And free candy for all. I can’t wait. … Nothing new, Beyonce stiffed the restaurant staff at the BH Hotel, on a $2700 tab, Beyonce and Tiger Woods are known for leaving autograph photos in lieu of a tip.

Answer – Play Misty for Me.

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