TV And Love Nuggets

Pop Quiz: Name the star who says the perfect day would include some knitting. Is it Ryan Gosling, Ryan Seacrest or Ryan Reynolds or Meg Ryan?

That reminds me, the on again/off again relationship between Meg Ryan and John Cougar Mellencamp what ever his name is, they are now talking marriage. … More love nuggets, Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria never go anywhere without their toddler son Leo. Even when Alec does SNL, Mom and son are there. … Scoopage, Miley Cyrus begged daddy Billy Ray and moma Tish Cyrus not to get a divorce, despite the paper work done, court date assigned and the settlement agreed to months ago, but now the divorce has been called off. … Heidi Klum has kicked boyfriend Vito Schnabel to the curb but Heidi had been wondering off the reservation for a long time. They were together 3 years.

TV Nuggets: American Idol is about to blow-up, serious problems, main judge Katy Perry wants the other two judges to be black or gay, however, producers have picked country singer Luke Bryan who is neither and Katy is furious. … However, nothing compares to the problems at NBC and Megyn Kelly’s new Today Show. Early test audience didn’t dislike it, they hated it. … How bizzare, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston have announced they’re doing a television project together but no name, genre, format, nothing. Word that Reese getting the Emmy for Little Big Lies and Jen getting one for Friends, they believe by producing, hiring cast, writers, etc, they can’t miss. … Oprah’s much publicized move to 60 Minutes did not help the ratings at all. … Final ratings news, other than Monday Night Football, all NFL game ratings are down. However, the pre-game shows and the analyzing the taking a knee controversy are way up.

Answer – Ryan Gosling.

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