Todays Gift Suggestions Is Really Cool

Pop Quiz Theme, celebrities who are truly devoted. Today, name the celebrity devoted to charities, lent their name, money and time to at least 26 charities. Will Smith, Steve Carell, Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie?

Love Nugget: Matt Lauer’s wife already has a divorce attorney, that tells me there’s a lot more sheep dip coming about Matt wondering off the reservation. … Scoop, and don’t be surprised if criminal charges are filed against Harvey Weinstein before Christmas. And a tell-all docu-drama is in the works. There could be hundreds of women coming forward in 2018 about all kinds of stars, athletes and other powerful people who have sexually misbehaved. And is it true, there are a lot of flight attendants who claim to have stories about sexual misconduct by famous people and want to tell their stories. … On a Happy Note, 36 year old momma Britney Spears is dating Sam Asghari, who is 22 years old. Sam did some part time babysitting for Britney and now it appears that Britney is baby sitting him. Nice turn around.

Real Estate News: Lady Gaga has moved from her N.Y. 40 Central Park Condo and it’s up for rent. Interested? 2,000 sq ft, 5 Bedroom/5Bathroom, sunken living room, and formally owned by Liza Minnelli and Steroid, All Time, skumball Cheater, Lance Armstrong. Just $33,000 a month, 6 month minimum lease required.

TV News: Godless is a limited series on Netflix, based in Colorado in the old west. If you want to binge view a great series, it’s only 7 episodes, go watch Godless. … And coming soon the Alec Baldwin TV Talk Show, and sponsors are lining up.

Everyday till Christmas, an unique Christmas gift suggestion, and today’s suggestion is really cool. Make action figures, chess pieces, knickknacks and anything else with the Monoprice Select Mini 3-D Printer! Now affordable! Only $220 dollars at

Answer – Angelina Jolie.

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