My All Time Favorite Personal Story

Pop Quiz: In Hollywood, who is known as the biggest joke stealer, Jimmy Fallen, Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert or Conan O’Brien?

Movie Reviews: Wakefield opens today! Bryan Cranston is fabulous as a man who disappears, but actually never leaves the neighborhood as he watches his family and friends from across the street for months (PG-13) – (106 Minutes) – (4 Stars). … The other movie opening today you need to know about is The Survivalist, a shocking movie about a guy that has lived alone on his farm for years without any contact from the outside world, until a homeless woman and her 21 year old daughter come on the scene, and what happens, you’ll never believe! Shoking and mind blowing (104 Minutes) – (4 Stars).

TV Movie Review: Saturday, the Wizards Of Lies will air. The true story of the Pyramid Con Man Bernie Madoff. Robert DeNiro plays Madoff but never met Madoff. However, Michelle Pfeiffer who plays the wife of Ruth Madoff has spent a weeks together. It’s on HBO (4 Stars).

As you know, I’m in Dallas because our youngest daughter is having a baby. Let me share my all time favorite personal story. When our oldest daughter was born, just a few hours after bringing her home from the hospital, my wife had to be rushed back to the hospital because of a life threatening staff infection. While she spent a week in the hospital and was okay after that week. I was sent back home with this 2 day old baby, having no idea what to do. Had the doctors had any idea how clueless I was they never would have let me take that baby home. But I got through the week alone with our infant Natalie and it made me a stronger father and a better human, and something I wouldn’t change for anything.

Answer – Common knowledge, Conan O’Brien.

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