Thursday Report From Hawaii

Aloha From Hawaii, all week long your Pop Quiz will be to name star who has had a nose job. Today, who has had a nose job, Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew McConaughey, Ozzy Osbourne or Donald Trump?

Court Docket: You’ve heard that Chris Brown has been accused of assaulting another woman, this one he wasn’t even dating, she just wanted an autograph. Reminds me, Chris Brown’s body guards tell everybody that comes close him, “Take Chris’ picture, and promise your going to get punched in the mouth.” What a great public relations attitude.

Amazing Nugget: Did you know that the inventers of the George Foreman Grill wanted it to be the Hulk Hogan Grill but Hogan’s agent who was pitched the idea said it was stupid and wanted nothing to do with it. Foreman’s agent heard about the Grill, went to them, they signed a deal with George and Foreman has made 2 dollars for every George Foreman Grill sold estimated over 200 million grills, that’s 400 million dollars. More than he ever made boxing.

Odds and Ends: There is a new worst Hollywood tipper. Taking out her family for dinner and the bill came to $1,200, Mariah Carey left three 20 dollar bills tip. She also pays her 5 personal assiatants $22,000 each, and must be on call 24/7. … All NYC was thrilled about Billionair Barry Diller who has already spent over $25 million dollars, of a $100 million dollar entertainment and retail complex on a 2.7 acre nasty, run down, bug infested pier area on the Hudson river, however, the Enviormental Protection Agency has put a perminate stop to it, because they found 2 protected Eel fish in the area. The project would have employed 17,000 people. Cancelled for 2 fish, unbelievable!

N.Y. Post Headline: And love couquers all. Huma Abadin still loves her sicko soon to be ex-husband Anthony Weiner so much, she has begged the judge sentancing him to please show him mercy. Post Headline above her picture in court, “Go Soft On The Weiner.”

Anwser – Ozzy Osbourne.

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