This Could Get Ugly

Pop Quiz questions all week will be about the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Today, the celebrity being honored with a star or their sponsor must agree to a pay a one time fee for the making the star and it’s maintenance, it’s gone up over the years. What is the charge now, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000?

TV News: NBC, CBS and FOX TV all laughed at the Show-runner who pitched Shark Tank. NBC went so far to say it was the dumbest idea they ever heard. … SNL writers plan to do a skit ripping clownish, clueless Megyn Kelly, however, NBC executives are paying Kelly $15 million to join the network, and that has caused an ivory tower meeting between Lorne Michaels and NBC Bigwigs. … Don’t know why, however Kevin Can Wait ratings have fallen into the toilet. … On the season premier of KUWK, the skanks took some shots at Caitlyn Jenner and it has made Caitlin, “Beyond livid.” Now, Caitlyn says it’s time she starts telling all she knows about the Kartrashians. This could get ugly.

Odds and Ends: Is your pet out of shape? If so checkout Animal Planets new series called, My Big Fat Pet Makeover. It shows all kinds of ways to get your pet in shape. If you love your pet like I do, check it out. … Jennifer Aniston has moved from L.A. to N.Y. and was out of sight for a while but she’s back and looking very different. I think she’s had some work done and she actually looks better, and let’s face it, Jennifer has always been hot pocket.

Answer – $30,000. So $30,000, times 2500 Stars, comes to $75 Million dollars! Another interesting nugget, there are 5 different categories which a celebrity can be nominated for, and I’ll have more on that tomorrow.

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