“That’s Al Folks”

Pop Quiz theme this week is sports and TV. Today, all the Bowl games start this week, which one of these is not a Bowl game. Facebook Bowl, Belk Bowl, Cure Bowl or Celebration Bowl?

Hot Nuggets: While several stars have had to evacuate their homes because of the California fires, including Paris Hilton, Dr. Dre and Tom Selleck. However, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s home it’s in most serious jeopardy. Bradley Cooper’s home is close to the fire but he was at the Ram game Sunday. Where’s former President Obama been? Palm Springs where he has a place.

Odd Love Nugget: When Donald Trump married Marla Maples in N.Y. in 1993, sitting in the front row at the ceremony and giving the first toast at the reception, O.J. Simpson and wife Nicole who Trump called his best friends.

TV News: Very few hits this Fall season, the only ones, The Good Doctor, Young Sheldon, Star Trek Discovery, The Orville and the return of Will & Grace. Good writing, solid ratings, great sponsors, right daypart slots. It all worked.

Odds and Ends: Harvey Weinsleaz Staff had a nickname for him, the Toad. And Jennifer Lawrence says the sleaz harassed her for sex for months when she first came to Hollywood. Even after her Oscar nom for Winter’s Bone. … Odd rumor that Steve Harvey is being investigated for laundering millions of dollars in his own, phony charity and he blames Oprah? Say what? … Not odd but great, Mickey Rourke, so sick a year ago, some say close to death, spotted jogging in Santa Monica and looking great. Hear he’s found God as well.

N.Y. Post Headline: Above the story of Al Franken announcing his retirement, Post Headline screamed, “That’s Al Folks.”

Answer – Belk Bowl is Wake Forest vs Tx A&M, Cure Bowl is Ga. State vs Western Ky, the Celebration Bowl is Grambling and North Carolina A&T, however, there is no Facebook Bowl.

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