“These Were The Breast Of Times”

Pop Quiz questions all week will be about the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Walk Of Fame starts on Hollywood Blvd near Vine and is on part of Vine and all the way down Hollywood Blvd to LaBrea in Hollywood town proper. Today, name the star who does not have a Star on the walk. Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Clint Eastwood?

Still a scumbag scoopage. Is It True, when O.J. was picked up from prison Saturday night, there was a person in the back seat with a camera taking video of everything he did starting with getting in the car, for the Reality show he’s trying to sell. That he’s also has agent talking to NBC, ABC, 60 Minutes, Baba Wawa, Oprah, Kelly Ripa, even Megyn Kelly shopping his 1st interview for $4 million, to be paid to a off shore foreign account so the Goldman’s couldn’t touch it. Unbelievable.

Odds and Ends: I love animals and was thrilled to hear N.Y. attorney Tony Pastor not only received a 2 year prison sentence but was disbarred for slowly beating his girlfriend’s puppy to death because she took to long to get ready for a date. … Tomorrow Bruce Springsteen opens on Broadway; Barack Obama, Beyonce, Robert De Niro, and Bono will be there.

Sports Shorts: Yesterday 95 year old Yankee fan Joe Casaburi, went to his first Yankee game since 1932, when Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were in the line-up. And Baseball play-offs are here, I’m hoping for a Dodgers versus anybody W.S.

N.Y. Post Headline: Above the photo of the late Hugh Hefner and 50 centerfolds taken last year, Post headline screams, “These Were The Breast Of Times.” For the record, Hefner was a vulgar, filthy, nasty human being.

Answer – Clint Eastwood didn’t want one. Have you been to the Walk?

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