“She’s a Beauty Clean.”

Let’s do er again, celebrities who love. Today, name the celebrity who loves health food, eats nothing but health food, a health food nut. Is it Dr. Phil, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez or Justin Timberlake?

Is It True, a male masseuse and airplane employee have contacted Gloria Alred about sexual misconduct charges against John Travolta. A lot of people said this was bound to happen, and here we go. And is Tom Sizemore next? … Kevin Spacey has officially been scratched from the movies, Stealing The Moon, Billionaire Boys Club, Elliott and a Gore Vidal biopic. He’s also been scratched from the TV mini Series, The War at the Shore and TV movie, Upstairs.

Odds and Ends: If Oscar nominations were held today, the two leading best actors would be Daniel Day Lewis in Phantom Thread, which will be his last movie, he’s retiring and Gary Oldman for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. … What’s up with Mariah Carey, easily one of the biggest Diva’s and rudest stars on the planet, she has gotten so bad, some of her closest staff and PA have quit. … If you get a chance to see Jimmy Buffett, currently in concert, go, he’s great! … It’s suppose to be better than Jersey Boys, the soon to be cast, Bee Gees Real Story, coming to Broadway next summer.

NY Post Headlines: First, above the story of a drunk neighbor, so upset that her neighbor had stacked their trash up outside their door rather than taking it outside, she actually set fire to the trash, which spread and killed the neighbors, headline screamed, “Murdered by Trash.” On a much happier headline, above the picture of the hot Miss Staten Island, and the story that her occupation is a sanitation worker, Post headline screams, “She’s a Beauty Clean.”

Answer – Justin Timberlake.

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