Report for Wednesday, Nov 29th

Pop Quiz Theme, Celebrities who were friends and went to school together. Is it James Spader and Meg Ryan, Kevin Spacey and Val Kilmer or Weird Al and Linda Blair?

Love Nuggets: Now it’s really starting to sound serious. J-Lo and A-Rod are looking at ranches in Montana, Colorado and Texas, better place to raise kids. … There are still those snooty, million dollar costing, Debutaunt, coming out Balls for 20 year old girls with super rich parents. And, 3 super rich parents will have heir Debutaunts get full treatment. non other than, Steve Harvey, Sylvester Stallone and Reese Witherspoon’s little darlings. … Ah, so sad, Conner Cruise, Nicole Kidman’s oldest child has severed all relationship with his mother saying she is undesirable and evil in the eyes of his Scientology and they will never have a relationship unless she becomes a Scientologist. Which will never happen. Any more proof needed it’s a cult? And, there is an over/under line how many new celebrities and politicians will be revealed and accused of sexual predictors or guilty of sexual misconduct, before Christmas, the over/under number is 10. I’ll take the over 10.

Kartrashian News: Kim is firing everybody from personal assistants, publicist, agents, managers, wardrobe people even drivers. She says she wants to change her whole image. You don’t think this has anything to do with the TV ratings falling in the toilet do you? Naw. Here’s a shocking Kartrashian nugget. Kendal, Kims sister, is the highest paid model in the world who just surpassed Gisele Budgen.

TV Note: There’s going to be a special about Charles Manson, including his relationships in prison, phone calls, pen pals. Question, who the hell cares?

Answer – Kevin Spacey and Val Kilmer went to Chatsworth High in California.

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