Report for Wednesday, Nov. 15th

Let’s do er’ again, celebrities who love. Today, name the celebrity who loves PB and J’s, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Is it Justin Bieber, Robert Downey Jr., Emma Stone or Tina Fey? Eats at least one everyday?

Love Nugget: A-Rod and J-Lo have already purchased a new home in Miami, now they’re shopping for a new place in New York. My prediction, A-Rod and J-Lo will be getting married in July during the Baseball All Star break. … Jon Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea are one of the happiest married couples in Hollywood. Play golf and tennis together and love to grab a bottle of Cab and head to the beach for sunsets in Malibu.

Sex scandals, the horses have already escaped from the barn but SAG-AFTRA have set a panel in place on sex harassment and abuse, and how to handle it? What does that mean? The panel is headed up by Gloria Allred. And Allred came up with the idea and offered her services. Ah duh. … And, The Golden Globes and Oscar powers to be are having serious meetings how to handle the sex scandals during their Award Shows and one thing for sure, there wont be any jokes made about any of this stuff. … Latest sex rumor, theirs a porno tape involving Kelly Ripa and her husband is out there! Really? What’s next, Ryan Seacrest coming out he’s gay?

Odds and Ends: By far, the best celebrity runner is Kevin Hart, who quietly runs marathons, and runs them right at 4 hours. Amazing. … When The Lord Of The Rings becomes a TV series on Amazon, a ton of huge cameo stars will appear. Heard it here first.

N.Y. Post: Front page sports headline following the N.Y. Giants losing to the winnless S.F. 49ers, and falling to 1-8, and the Giant front office saying they are sticking with the much hated, failing coach Ben McAdoo. Headline screams, “Giants Decide To Keep Sucking.”

Answer – Tina Fey.

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