Report for Tuesday, Feb 6th

Pop Quiz: Margot Robbie was great with Michael Douglas in The Wolf of Wall Street, and Oscar nominee in I, Tonya. Margot scoop you didn’t know, she turned down a million dollars to appear nude in Playboy, Margot is a professional tattoo artist and has given many stars tattoos. Your question, who was once Margot Robbie’s room mate? Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, or Christina Ricci?

Diva Report: When they sang together, all the Spice Girls got along except Victoria Beckham, they hated her, and that hasn’t changed! The Spice Girls had planned to get back together, but Victoria is demanding more money than the other ladies. Like I said, some things never change, she’s still most hated. … Setting the record straight. While I am not of fan of Kim Kartrashian, she is a fabulous mother. While Kanye hired 6 full-time nannies, Kim has let all but one go. Kanye on the other hand, almost avoids being around the toddlers.

Television News: Tomorrow night, CBS embarrasses itself with their new, Celebrity Big Brother, but these celebrities are pitiful. Starting with Omarosa, direct from the White House with stops at Apprentice, Fear Factor and Surreal Life. And you got, Celebrity Wife Swap stud muffin, Mark McGrath. Then there’s Keisha Knight who was the darling 6 year old on Cosby is now 36. And ex-NBA’er, Ron Artest, a.k.a. (Metta World Peace) who was known more for fighting with other player, fans and referees than scoring. Real Housewife Brandi Glanville will be in the house, as will Martial Arts dude, Chuck Liddell. There are other celebrity house guests but not as well known, if that’s possible. Like I said, CBS should be ashamed of themselves.

Head’s Up: The 15:17 To Paris is a great movie and I will review it tomorrow, along with some inside scoop about several cast members that will surprise you.

Answer – Christina Ricci.

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