Report for Tuesday, Feb 13th

Pop Quiz theme all week is focused on celebrities who either have a movie currently out or one coming out Friday. Forest Whitaker stars in Black Panther which opens Friday. What surprising thing has Forrest Whitaker accomplished away from acting? Is he also now a licensed Veterinarian, a Pilot, a Chef, or a black belt in Karate?

Movie News: Still ridiculous that Hollywood is planning on making three Charles Manson movies. But even more ridiculous, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are attached. … Scoop, Shia LaBeouf has written, will Produce, Direct and star in the movie “Honey Boy”. A story about his childhood in general and his dad in particular, an out of control, violent drunk pile! But I can tell you with personal knowledge, his mom, is no afternoon at the beach. I’ve had dealings with her, difficult but a sweetheart compared to Pops.

A Hollywood publicist survey have announced the 5 all time worse actresses. #5 Kim K. – #4 Kelly Clarkson – #3 Pam Anderson – #2 Jenny McCarthy and #1 Paris Hilton. Ah, no surprises here.

Show Business Biz: In the old daya there use to be strict moral clauses in actors contracts, but 20 years ago were trimmed back to only address felony arrests. However, with all the new sexual accusations, very strict moral clauses are back as regular procedure.

More comments from Olympic commentators, I have no idea what their talking about. Popping a Jump, A great Dig at the Handles, and Measure at the Button.

N.Y. Post Headline: Above a photo of a 6 foot cake that looks exactly like a female newlywed. The cake cost 25,000 dollars to make and won the most beautiful elaborate cake ever made. Post Headline screamed, “You May Now Eat The Bride.”

Answer – He has a black belt in Karate.

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