Report for Thursday, Jan 4th

Pop Quiz theme this week, celebrities and their nicknames. Name the celebrity who’s nickname is, The Cheerleader. Is it Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie or Hailee Steinfeld?

Want to own a celebrity’s home? Five just came on the market, Tommy Hilfiger’s 9 bedroom penthouse over looking Central Park with Library and indoor pool, and 15,000 Sq. Ft. Your’s for only $50 million. Can’t afford that? J-Lo just put up her 6500 Sq Ft. penthouse on the West Side, great View, $29 million. Still too much, The Stones Keith Richards has listed his Greenwich Village Duplex, 47 foot long living room, steal at $11 million. On a budget? Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are dumping their 7 bedroom, Brooklyn Brownstone, a mere $8 million. Okay, Basement Bargain, a rental, Mad Men Star Jon Hamm mid-town West Side condo with view $15,000 a month.

NFL News: Regarding P-Diddy wanting to buy the Carolina Panthers, remember, the 32 NFL owners brag they are the most exclusive club in America. They all have to approve a new owner, and they have never approved any new owner who seeks publicity, or rocks the boat or doesn’t stick with each other. Not only is Diddy a publicity hound, and is constantly rocking the boat, Diddy says the first thing he would do would sign Colin Kaepernick. That’s the same Colin Kaepernick currently suing the NFL owners for $250 million. Comment, Diddy will never own an NFL team.

Odds and Ends: Paris Jackson has 63 tattoos. Her dad, Michael Jackson had 3, one outlining his lips, one outlining his eyes and one outfighting his scalp line.

Answer – She was a Cheerleader at Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Michigan, that would be Madonna.

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