Report for Thursday, Feb 8th.

Pop Quiz and things you didn’t know about, Matthew McConaughey, despite being from Texas, he hates the Dallas Cowboys, loves the Washington Redskins. He has a 3 bedroom house and is superstitious, sleeps in a different bedroom every night. His best friend is still Lance Armstrong. Your question is what did his mother do that was so good, she won an award. Was she a chef, teacher, athlete or photographer? Matthew McConaughey’s momma.

Wasn’t bad enough they are making a movie about Charles Manson’s life, but now word Universal studios are planning to make a movie on the sick, twisted, hideous life of Larry Nasser the Olympic Doctor sentenced to 175 years for sexually assaulting at least, at least 256 girls. Who would go see that movie.

Odds and Ends: Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy returned from Vegas, saw his baby, then went straight back to Vegas the next day for another gig. … Speaking of parenthood, the only time Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck see each other is when they hand off their kids. At there son’s softball game, they sat separate from each other. Well, least Ben didn’t bring his girlfriend. … Selena Gomez has admitted she suffers from a fragile mental state and since Thanksgiving. She has stayed at 2 private facilities specialize in her condition. Staying 1 week at the first place, and 18 days at another. Costing her over 450,000 dollars. … Hollywood’s new #1 Pot smoker is Jennifer Lawrence.

TV News: Katy Perry is already causing problems as a judge on American Idol. She is often late, demanding and likes to argue with producers about everything.

Just when I thought I’ve seen everything, I asked one of my station hosts if he had any tattoos– said yes and sent me a picture of his tattoo on his butt that read, “Exit Only!”

Answer – Elementary School teacher.

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