Report for Monday, Jan 15th

Pop Quiz theme is Hollywood Hates. Today, name the celebrity who hates being famous. Is it Shia LaBeouf, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford or George Clooney?

Sad, two weeks ago my buddy Dick Enberg passed, Saturday another old buddy, Keith Jackson checked out. When I was at KABC radio here in Los Angeles, Keith did sports on the morning show, and had every Friday off so he could cover NCAA football for ABC-TV on Saturdays. Keith played golf 3 days a week and his regular 4-some for 30 years at LACC was Vin Scully, Glenn Campbell, Bob Hope and Kieth Jackson. Kieth was a no nonsense dude, but a truly great guy.

Love Nuggets: Trouble in paradise between Justin Theroux and wife Jennefer Aniston. Aniston is very bossy, and Justin is very independent and very close to his home boys. Justin even jokes to his hommies, bros before hoes. Jennifer has got to hate that. … Mark my words, at least 2 more celebrities will be joining Harvey Weinsleaz, Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby, James Franco, Steven Seagal, Ben Vereen, Al Franken, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Douglas, Andy Dick, Garrison Keillor, Ray Moore, Kevin Spacey, Nick Carter, Russell Simmons, Charlie Rose, Gene Simmons and others as sexual preditors this week. Very sad.

No surprise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Quinten Teratino will do a Charles Manson movie. These guys have been talking for years about this project. … And, no surprise Paris Jackson got robbed by a couple hitch-hikers. Paris is a real do-gooder and picks up strangers all the time, especially at bus stops.

Odds and Ends: Lady Gaga made 1 N.Y.’s Resolution, to never weat a bra again.

Answer – Says he hates people coming up to him, just wants to be left alone, wants to punch out anybody dare ask for an autograph. Hard to believe, Shia LaBeouf.

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