Report for Monday, Feb 12th

Pop Quiz theme all week is focused on celebrities that either have a movie currently out, or coming out Friday. Today, Jenna Fisher from the Office is currently starring in 15:17 to Paris. Question, before acting Jenna was in college studying to be what? Was it a Doctor, Architect, Lawyer or Accountant?

Anti-Love Nuggets: Is It True Angelina Jolie is doing everything she can to turn their six children against their dad, Brad Pitt. Something very wrong about that. … Guess clothes owner Paul Marciano has been accused of just short of raping his model Kate Upton and when she refused his violent advances, He fired her. Now Kate’s husband Houston Astros Pitcher Justin Verlander says he hopes to see Marciano so he can, “Bust him up.”

Did you know when Elvis died, he was in therapy for porn and drug addiction. … Did you know, Lisa Marie Presley Keough Jackson Cage Lockwood’s divorce versus her husband, Michael, could be the ugliest divorce in Hollywood history? She says he’s an abuser and a gold digger, he says she is a drug addict, and this divorce involves hundreds of millions of dollars and been going on 2 years.

Odds and Ends: 2 celebrities who have become workout fiends, Will Smith and Robert Pattinson. Smith got a solid 6 Pack, Pattinson more like a mini-keg. … Just when you thought you heard everything. New York is adding a gas tax to pay for I-Pads, for prisoners. Officials say it would calm them while in custody.

TV News: Been watching the Olympics? I love them but all these so called experts keep using all these terms, I have no idea what they mean. Everyday this week, Ill give you examples. Today, Over the Top 180 Cross Over, Throwback Triple Lutz, Flip at the Top, and the one I’ve heard a million times and still don’t what it means, the old Salchow.

Answer – She was studying to be a Lawyer.

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