Report for Friday, August 4th

Pop Quiz: All this week, our Pop Quiz deals with famous people and where they’re buried or where their ashes are spread. Today, John Lennon was not buried, his ashes were spread in New York City, Liverpool, off the London Bridge or in the Kyoto Gardens in Japan?

Movie Review: Columbus is one of the most different, unique movies you’ll ever see, here’s a hint, it is about geeks in love with a different grip on life. Opening in limited engagement. If it’s playing near you don’t miss Columbus (Rated PG-13) – (4 Stars). You will thank me. … And then there is Detroit, a true story about the 1967 riots that are disgusting, embarrassing and shameful part of American History. This is a true story, and should be seen by evry American (Rated R) – (2 Hours 20 Minutes) – (4 Stars).

Movie News: Al Pacino playing former Penn State coach Joe Paterno and the coach Sandusky sex scandal is the best thing Al’s done since the Godfather.

Why do Robert De Niro and Bruce Willis keep making terrible movies. They don’t need the money, the films loose money and they stink. … Publicist best father in Hollywood is, Simon Cowell, who spends the most time with his son, takes him everywhere he goes, and he’s only 3 yrs old.

Are you tired of being bugged? In Texas and Virginia where the most bats and mosquito are located, people are installing Bat houses by human homes to entice bats to live nearby. Reason, one bat can eat 3,000 mosquito a night.

Great Quote from Martha Stewart, “I can’t believe I went to prison and Hillary didn’t. What’s wrong with that picture.”

Answer – John was cremated and his ashes were spread in Central Park in an area called, ready, Strawberry Fields.

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