Real Problems With Winter Olympics

Pop Quiz Theme, celebrities who are truly devoted. Today, name the celebrity devoted to saving animals. Goes to the pound and saves dogs and cats and then finds homes for the strays. Is it Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Joaquin Phoenix or Jim Parsons?

Movie Reviews: Best movie opening this week someplaces and everywhere next week, is “I, Tonya.” The hilarious, tragic, true story about Olympic Skater Tonya Harding and her brain dead boyfriend’s plan and attack on Nancy Kerrigan. This is just a great movie in every way and Margot Robbie who plays Tonya is Oscar worthy (Rated R) – (118 Minutes) – (3 ½ Stars). … Next is, “Just Getting Started.” It’s about a made up resort in my real hometown, Palm Springs. It stars Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones as a couple old goofy codgers who try to impress a few old washed up hags. It’s a money grab. Guessing the script was written in 2 weeks, shot in 2 weeks, and only last 2 weeks in theaters, which is 2 weeks too many (Rated PG-13) – (99 Minutes) – (1 Stars).

TV News: There is a real problem regarding the Winter Olympics being held in South Korea, they can’t find volenteers because of the political unrest. … Try this this weekend, everybody you see, tell them Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. Everybody you see, even strangers. Just try it, and I guarantee, it will make you and them feel good.

And your Christmas gift suggestions today, two great cook books, Master Chef Junior Cookbook by Clarkson Potter for kids who want to learn how to cook. And How To Cook Vegitarian by Mark Bittman for the vegitarian in your family.

Quote of the day, “A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.”

Answer – Joaquin Phoenix.

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