“Raiders of the Lost Art”

Pop Quiz: Name the comedian who is a better magician than a funny guy, Nick Cannon, Carrot Top, Cheek Marin or Jerry Seinfeld?

Love Nuggets: Michael Douglas’s ex-con son, Cameron Douglas is fresh out of jail, his fiance expecting a baby, he’s currently writing a book, and making a movie, and he’s also been working out, looks like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but his face looks like grandpa, Kirk Douglas.

Movie Review: American Made opens today, it has not been well received by critics, and despite starring Tom Cruise, who I don’t particularly like, this true story about a TWA pilot who becomes a triple agent, moonlighting for the CIA, the Mob and Mexican drug cartels is fabulous. The action is stellar, the plot is solid and I love it (Rated R) – (115 Minutes) – (3 Stars). … Next is, Battle Of The Sexes, the Billie Jean King, Bobby Riggs story played brilliantly by Emma Stone and Steve Carell (Rated PG-13) – (121 Minutes) – (3 ½ Stars). Two great movies to see this weekend!

Odds and Ends: J-Lo has given a million dollars to the Puerto Rico hurricane relief fund, but didn’t give any to Texas or Florida and declined the TV telethon. Meghan McCain joining The View is brilliant, should help their ratings. … So sad the news that Julia Louis Dreyfus has breast cancer, but prognosis is good. … There is a gang of teenagers between 12-16 in the upper eastside of NYC that are making a lot of money, every weekend by robbing cab drivers.

NY Post: There is an international search for paintings and sculptures stolen by the Nazi’s in WW2, and every country is cooperating to find who took them and who has them. Post Screams, “Raiders of the Lost Art.”

Answer – Jerry Seinfeld.

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