Political Correctness Stupidity

Pop Quiz and celebrities who love, name the celebrity who loves Horses, rides and breeds horses. Is it Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert or David Letterman?

TV News: Hey Megyn Kelly, NBC really wants you gone. Sponsors dropping, ratings never showed up and now Matt Lauer is doing all he can to get her fired. And, her sudden 8 week assignment to Korea to do pre-game, games, and post game Winter Olympic coverage in February, is more hand writing on the wall. … TV best show, Ozark on Netflix is returning for a second season, 7/17/18.

Political Correctness stupidity: Called the most dangerous high school in N.Y. teachers begged the NYC-DOE for a metal detector. It was denied, the DOE said no because students would feel, they were not trusted and give them a complex. Next day a student brought in a knife, stabbed 3 students, killing one! That’s political correctness run a muck in America.

Scum update, a Valet, bellhop, plus male flight attendant are accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct and assault, and the hit’s just keep on coming. Saw a tweet yesterday at celebrities blasting people for praying for the Texas victims saying praying doesn’t do any good, that it’s all about taking away guns. Tweet said, “Happy to see celebrities taking time off from raping each other to condemn praying.” I can say no more.

Odds and Ends: Caitlyn Jenner has had enough of Hollywood. I can’t blame her, the Kartrashians have slammed her, the Gay, Lesbian, Transexual community have turned their back on her, says she hasn’t done enough, she’s moving to KC.

Answer – David Letterman.

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