One Of My Old Life Stories

Pop Quiz Theme this week is sports and TV. Today, all the Bowl Games start this week, which one of these is not a Bowl game. Pinstripe Bowl, Potato Bowl, Watermelon Bowl or the Foster Farms Chicken Bowl?

Since it’s Friday and Disney has agreed to pay Rupert Murdoch $52 billion for Fox, I want to share one of my old life stories. Before KROQ, I was writing sports and gossip for the National Star rag. My boss flew me to New York, said he had a huge opportunity for me, to be the West Coast Sports/Entertainment Editor for a daily N.Y. paper. I arrived at Kennedy, my boss, Jerry Lisker picked me up and in the limo, introduced to the guy who owned the Star and who just purchased the N.Y. Post it was, Rupert Murdoch. Had dinner and spent the night at Murdoch’s huge N.Y. condo. Just another brush with fame of my unusual and blessed life. For your information, worked for the New York Post for 2 ½ years.

Odds and Ends: Dustin Hoffman says he never is recognized out in public. Maybe because he’s bald, 5 foot 5, wears really thick glasses a looks homeless. … Elton John has become best friends with Bill Clinton. … Matthew McConaughey has become a total beach bum, but wait, it’s for his new movie which is entitled, what else, Beach Bum. … Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez are co-starring in the film, Second Act, and they have become such great friends Leah’s talked J-Lo to speaking out against Scientology. And J-Lo is even getting other stars to speak out. You go girl.

Answer – Potato Bowl matches up, Wyoming and Central Michigan, the Pinstripe Bowl matches Iowa and Boston College, Foster Farm Bowl is Arizona and Purdue. There is no Watermelon Bowl.

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