And Oh Yeah, It Stinks

Pop Quiz: Name the celebrity who is not in the top 5 of celebrity, major art collectors. Only 3 of these 4 people are art nuts. Is it Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Jack Nicholson or George Lucas?

TV News: NBC’s 2018’s live musical will be Jesus Christ Super Star. I loved these live productions. NBC’s next live production won’t be until December, with Bye-Bye Birdie with Jennifer Lopez which should also be great. … Meanwhile FOX is doing their own live musical next year, they’ll do Rent. … I knew Steve Harvey when he was doing his first and unsuccessful radio show here in L.A. He was a great guy back then, however he’s not now. Now he’s mean, conceded, cheap and moody. … We shouldn’t be surprised that American Idol is coming back, in just the last few seasons, Prison Break, Dancing With The Stars, Twin Peaks, The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Roseanne, To Tell The Truth, Arrested Development, Match Game, 100,000 Dollar Pyramid, Full House, and The Gong Show have been rebooted. … By the way, Blacklist is a great show, renewed yet, Blacklist redemption, the spin, canceled, it stunk. And the same thing, Criminal Minds renewed, but their spin Criminal Minds Beyond Borders got the ax, again, it stunk.

Not surprised: Great Indoors and Mr. Ken both unwatchable and canceled.

Odds and Ends: Santa Monica used to be a beautiful beach, but some Hollywood do-gooders like JuliaLouis Dreyfus have convinced city fathers to save the beach, say what! So other than picking up trash, the beach will be all natural, unsifted sand, bird nesting, untended sea kelp, plus other natural ocean backwash be left alone. Results, beach is very ugly, can’t swim in it and oh yeah, it stinks.

Answer – Oprah does not collect art.

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