New Year’s Eve Report

New Year’s Eve Pop Quiz: Name the star who is not spending New Years in Aspen skiing? Is it Jack Nicholson, Maria Carey, Hilary Swank or J-Lo?

Love Nuggets: Biggest kept secret, that Taylor Swift has had a couple quiet romantic dinners with Orlando Bloom.

Odds and Ends: Final Christmas nugget, Snoop dressed as Santa, his wife as Minnie Mouse and his kids as other Disney Character when they spent Christmas Eve at Disneyland. … Madonna’s new album is the biggest flop in her career, in the toilet. … Celebs I love to hate because they’re in Hawaii for New Year’s Eve, Jessica Simpson, Jude Law, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Kenny Chesney, Lea Michelle, Ben Stiller and Julianne Moore. … The Saddest story for me in 2014 was Casey Kasem. When I was 16, my first gig in radio was interning for Casey at KRLA. Casey was abused by his hideous wife Jean, his body hidden for months and months and finally buried in a non-marked grave in Norway. How did that happen? … Hottie, Sofia Vergara (42) says she plans to have some nip tuck in 2015, nip tuck what.

Date in History, December 30. 1907 MLB officially declares Abner Doubleday as the inventor of baseball. … 1935, I believe the greatest pitcher who ever played the game and certainly the greatest pitcher I ever met was born Sandy Koufax. … Another old buddy was born on Dec. 30, 1930, Jack Lord, star of Hawaii 5-0, he died in 1998, and his ashes were spread on Waikiki Beach, great guy. And, speaking of dying on this date, good riddance Saddam Hussein died in 2006.

Answer – J-Lo.

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