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This weeks Pop Quiz Theme is, phony names used by stars when registering at a hotel. Today, who uses the name Chuck Steak? Bruce Willis, Robert DeNero, Clint Eastwood or Tom Cruize? And after the Pop Quiz Question, a Bonus Question.

Movie Reviews: If you haven’t seen the nominated Oscar films, they are out everywhere, and they are all excellent must see’s. However, a new release today is, Winchester. A homestead built in 1880 by William Winchester who invented the Winchester rifle. When he dies, his wife, played by Helen Mirren decides to add on and add on and add on, until there are 40 bedrooms, 47 fireplaces and hundreds of ghosts, dead people all killed by a Winchester rifle. Winchester House still exists you can tour it, I have. 525 Winchester Ave, San Jose California. (Rated R) – (116 Minutes) – (3 Stars).

Real Estate News: Want to vacation in the same pad the stars do? Just rent the Goose Creek Estate in the Hamptons. Jennifer Lopez, Billy Joel, Madonna, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford have all rented it, $125,000 a week. … Taylor Swift is being sued by a real estate agent for not paying a $1 million commission and it’s not the first complaint against Taylor for being a deadbeat.

It’s Super Bowl weekend and the Mike Evans Fearless Forecast is usually the kiss of death. While I’m pulling for Philadelphia, I think The Pats beat the Eagles like a red headed stepchild waiting for the school bus, and take their lunch money. My question, who are you picking?

Answer – Clint Eastwood.

Bonus Question of the Day: In California you can not take a picture of a man with a wooden leg, why not?

Answer – You need a camera to take a picture.

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