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All week long, Pop Quiz theme are celebrities who speak multiple languages. Today, name the celebrity who speaks English and Spanish. Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Jon Bon Jovi or George W. Bush?

Movie Reviews: A true story and the best movie of the year opens today, and it will make you laugh and cry, and also make you proud to be an American, Just a terrific movie. The story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, who go after wild fires like it was a war! Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Connelly star. It’s gut wrenching, It’s PG-13, It’s under 2 hours, It’s 4 Stars. … Next is Snowman. That is suppose to be a who done it thriller, instead it’s a who cares bore! Starring Michael Fassbender and Val Kilmer, they stink in this stinker! A triple threat, Bad script, bad acting, bad movie! R for revolting, 1 Star.

Movie News: Rob Reiner Directs LBJ, about the little kid from Texas, to Senator and then President. Woody Harrelson is brilliant as Lyndon B. Johnson, however, I’m torn! While LBJ did get a ton 0f civil rights laws passed, they were all Kennedy’s Legislation! They ignored entirely, him letting Vietnam get out of control with thousands killed. Real deal is, LBJ was a southern red neck, rude, crude. Dude. And Rob Reiner gave him a bit of a pass. Still good, out November third. … Strange, Morgan Freeman is playing Colin Powell in a film, Powell a stiff stanch Republican, Morgan a left wing flame thrower. … And, Gary Oldman plays Churchill in an Oscar deserved performance in the movie, Darkest Hour.

Sad, but mark my words, when nominations for the Oscars are announced, it will be another year with very few minorities. Sad!

Answer – It’s a Friday, it’s a trick question, they all speak Spanish!

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