MLB Is Back As America’s Passtime

Pop Quiz: All week, celebrities who love. Today name the celebrity who loves guns, has hundreds of guns. Is it David Spade, Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell or Nick Cannon?

Love Nuggets: Planning a wedding, Little Dakota Fanning and Henry Frye. … Is It True, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are planning to be Baptized together. … Prediction, when Harvey Weinsleaze is indicted next week in NY, it will be just the first of at least 2 other rape charges coming, and from different cities. … Don’t know why I’m telling you this, but when I was young, before taking a girl out to dinner on a first date, I would first take her to a place I wrote a story about in the NY Post, headline screamed, “Pet Cemetery of The Stars.” About a special pet cemetery where some of the biggest stars, Judy Garland, Monroe, Brando, Sinatra, Presley, buried their pets, with their photo along with their pet on the gravestone. Maybe a weird firsts date, but bet those girls never forgot it.

Scoopage, is it true, since that terriost Uber driver ran down and killed 8 people in New York, Uber business is down. … There’s talk of an intervention by Kathy Griffin’s family, because of her recent behavior. Rumor is it’s a combination of anti-depressant drugs and other pharmaceuticals. … New Poll, MLB is back as America’s Passtime, dislike for NFL players, likability of Major League Players. Fan friendly, cheaper. And more NFL bad news, ESPN wants NFL games for half the price they are paying now or they’ll dump them.

Politics and Hollywood: Don’t know why but some left wing celebs have turned conservative, latest are Simon Garfunkel, Carrie Underwood and Goldie Hawn.

Answer – David Spade, huge gun collector.

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