“Miss Lead”

The Pop Quiz theme, celebrities who love. Today, name the celebrity who loves Science, is currently studying String Theory, what ever that is. Is it Natalie Portman, Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal or Anne Hathaway?

Love Nugget: Seldom we get to give kudos to Hollywood couples that make it, so congrats to Robert Wagner and Jill St. John, celebrating 27 years together.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does Department: Is it true, actress Rose McGowan actually left her purse on an American Airline flight, and when they examined it to find the owner, they found ½ oz of cocaine inside. Talk about stupid.

Odds and Ends: LeBron James and a couple of his Cleveland Cavalier teammates were in New York to face the Knicks and playing the tourist, riding the subways. New Yorkers being New Yorkers weren’t star struck, they heckled ’em. Love New York! … Betty White tell’s all in a tell all book, bet she has a lot to tell. Could be a film. … Ridiculous item of the day, in Nova Scotia, Canada, Lorne Grabher received letter from the government ripping him, basically calling him a pervert and denying his car license plate renewnal. They were upset because the plate spelled out his name– Grabher. Political correctness crap. … When Nicki Minaj’s brother was found guilty of repeatedly raping his 13 year old stepdaughter, Nicki showed no emotion, went to straight to what I would call a porn shoot for a magazine called Minaj. How appropriate. … Milestone, every member of the Palm Springs City counsel belongs to the LBGTQ community, that’s a first in the country.

N.Y. Post headline: Above the story that people in public housing were getting sick because they were lied to about the old toxic paint used years earlier. Headline screamed, “Miss Lead.”

Answer – Anne Hathaway.

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