“Meet Harvey Weinsleaze”

All week long, the Pop Quiz theme are celebrities who can’t. Today, name the celebrity who can’t sleep, needs meds every night. Jessica Simpson, Jon Voight, Matt Lauer or Kevin James?

Court Docket and Sad Ending: Glee star Mark Salling who was arrested for possession of Child pornography 2 years ago has quietly agreed to a plea bargain sending him to prison for 20 years. Case papers are sealed, but there’s got to be more to this case than we know, I mean, he agreed to 20 years? And a bizarre twist, Mark got his break in the 1996 film, Children of the Corn. The Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, is as hot as any star, has filed paper work in Nevada to deny O.J. Simpson from moving to her state. Sorry girl, you have great legs, but not a legal leg to stand on. O.J. headed to Fl.

Funny Shop Talk: Howard Cosell once said, “You radio people are so simple, an industry of D- students.” Well, at a small market station last week they were promoting that former boxer Gerry Cooney was coming to the station for an interview, but the copy person misspelled Cooney, and it was on the air, being reported, staff even calling friends, word was out, George Clooney was coming to the station. A disgusted PD asked now why in the world would George Clooney be coming to our stupid little station.

N.Y. Post Headlines: Headline above 1 story about Dirty Harvey Weinstein screams, “Meet Harvey Weinsleaze.” More stories regarding his sexual activity on the casting couch screamed, “More Harvey Weinstain.” And stressing he’s in hot H2o, a third headline screamed, “Harv Boiled.” And, shame, shame, shame. Gutless SNL ignored the whole story.

Answer – Jessica Simpson. Other celebs who have trouble sleeping and need meds, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus.

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