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All week long, Pop Quiz theme is celebrities who can’t. Today, name the celebrity who can’t swim, Alex Trebek, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis Dreyfus or Betty White?

Love Nugget: Ben Affleck still must love drinking and gambling, because that’s what he’s doing more than anything else. … You heard it hear first, over the weekend, Meg Ryan spotted wearing an engagement ring given to her by John Cougar Mellencamp.

TV News: NBC bigwigs are calling it the biggest blunder in television history, the hiring of Megyn Kelly. Co-workers can’t stand her, she’s alienated everybody, rating are in the toilet, she’s the highest paid morning talent in NBC history and it get’s worse. Kathie Lee and Hoda Show had great ratings until Kelly became their lead-in, now even their ratings have tanked. Oh yea, Her 60 million dollar salary is guaranteed.

More TV Trouble: DWTS have a married couple dancing this year, Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa. Vanessa is so hard to work with, her partner, Top dancer Max walked out. Producers have since convinced him to return. And, Nick has refused to wear some costumes he didn’t like. Both real jerks..

Good TV News: Tonight on HBO, a profile on Steven Spielberg and it is great! You will learn things you never knew about Hollywood’s greatest Director, and everybody from Leonardo DiCaprio to George Lucas is on the documentary.

Odds and Ends: There called Diamond Suites, 2 seats in the front row for every event at Madison Square for a year. The 2 seats cost $400,000 for the pair. … Retailers are predicting, baring any blizzards, Christmas shopping sales will be the biggest in history topping 1.25 Trillion dollars. Again, guys, don’t spend too much money on me this year.

Answer – Betty White. Other celebrities who can’t swim, Taylor Swift, Mick Jagger and Steven Spielberg.

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